Costly Repairs You May Want To Avoid In Your Home

18 Dec 2019 admin

Owning a home can be a dream come true, or it could be a living nightmare where there is no escape.  For many homeowners the house that they have purchased will typically be their forever home and as such the desire to keep it in tip top condition.  Here are a few things that you should look at first when keeping your home intact and the roofing contractor in tallahassee fl away.


Mold is a silent killer.  One of the first things that people will get sick from is mold that is growing in dark cold places.  The first place that you will find mold is in the basement.  In many homes that have basements the need to go down into them is limited.  Unless it is a finished design, the basement will typically hold a hot water heater and maybe a washer and dryer. 

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If you have a dank and dark basement, make sure that there are no wet or damp spots that need attention.  Mold loves to grow in these areas and if allowed to grow out of control can spread throughout the house causing people to become sick.

Cracks and holes

The next thing you want to look for are cracks in your foundations, walls and ceilings.  When these cracks appear, they are a sign of the house settling, which is not a good thing.  When we start putting pressure on the house major repairs could be down the road.  When you spot these cracks and holes make sure to have them inspected as quickly as possible, so they don’t grow and be huge liabilities.


Drafts are never fun.  Sitting alone in your home and suddenly a cold chill of air sends shivers down your spine can be an eerie feeling.  Then, when the electric bill comes you are utterly mortified to discover that you are spending ten times as much to heat or cool your home because of a draft. 

When owning a home make sure to look at these and other areas.  As you do preventative measures can be taken to keep your home happy and healthy.