Common CNC Machine Types

A computer numerical control process, or CNC, is a process in which computer software controls how machinery and tools used in factories are moved. It allows for the management and control of different machines, including grinders, mills, lathes, and more. They can be used to make various materials and products, such as pump products ontario professionals require. Let’s discuss different types of CNC machines.

CNC Mills

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CNC mills are versatile can be programmed using typical g-code or manufacturers can come up with their own unique programming language. New CNC machines are being developed, with many capable of handling even more prompts than older versions.

Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters use a plasma torch to cut materials into the proper shape. This process is often used for metals, though it can be used in other applications. The plasma that is used to cut these materials is generated using compressed gas combined with electrical arcs.


Lathe machines are used when an object requires a circular cut. The cuts produced by lathes are very precise due to CNC technology, allowing manufacturers to create complex designs that could not be accomplished manually. Lathes are similar to mills when it comes to CNC components, as they use similar codes to direct motion.

EDM Machines

EDM machines, or electric-discharge machining, is yet another machine that is controlled using computers. These machines mold pieces into the proper shapes using electrical sparks. Each electrode delivers sparks that remove sections of the object being molded, eventually getting it to the proper shape and size.

The world of manufacturing involves many machines, including CNC mills, plasma cutters, lathes, and EDM machines. There are even more machines that can be used in different manufacturing processes to product products that companies need. More machines include wood routers, glass cutters, foam cutters, turret punchers, and more.